Our story

Here at Mackit we provide modern residential architecture for clients in the Wairarapa and Wellington regions. Mackit was established in 2008 by myself, James Mackie. I wanted to design bespoke modern homes, build them efficiently and precisely and noticed there were limited options available in the market. Recognising this niche, I combined the skills and creativity gained from my Bachelor of Design with my practical building knowledge and experience. Now, as a result, I get the chance to design wonderful homes for my clients and I have the expert knowledge to build them to the highest quality too.

I’m a registered designer with Architectural Designers New Zealand, a Master Builder and a Licenced Building Practitioner in both design and carpentry. I manage both the architecture and construction sides of Mackit.

Whatever your project, we will design a renovation for your existing home, or your new build that is beautiful, practical and enduring. With the Mackit construction team, we also offer full building services for the homes we design.


The design of your home

At the beginning of a design project we start with a blank piece of paper, so you won’t find a catalogue of our plans. We believe that good house design should always be inspired by the environment in which the home will sit and the people who will live there.

We will spend lots of time talking through all aspects of your project, distilling down your wish list, ideas and requirements in order to formulate a design brief that’s totally specific to you and your family. As we work through concepts, your feedback will steer the design until we reach a final result that ticks all the boxes.

Remember, throughout the design development phase of your project, you can have as little or as much input as you like. If you love the idea of scouring shops and the internet for all those fixtures, fittings and details, then feel free and go right ahead. But if you’re pressed for time or a bit lost on where to start, we can point you in the right direction and guide you through the process. A good place to start is with our brief checklist which may help consolidate your ideas for your project.

No two design processes are the same, because no two clients are the same. But what will always be the same, is our commitment to designing a beautiful solution that is perfect for you.

Our design process

Process may sound a bit boring, but we believe having the best processes allow us to develop the best design and, ultimately, the best home for you. We also recognise that designing a house or planning a renovation, making important decisions about how you want to live and, let’s face it, investing large amounts of money can all be a bit stressful.

We’re here to make the process as stress-free as possible and one of the ways we do this is by applying our experience and knowledge in the building industry to the design process and vice versa. As we design your home we are constantly aware of how it will be built.

Having your home designed by someone with our building expertise is a huge advantage right from the start. Your home will be designed with the knowledge of what will be possible and practical for your budget and we promise we’ll be honest about what isn’t.

Throughout the process our individualised attention and management of your project will be maintained. We take huge care with our client relationships and repeat business and take pride in the fact that much of our work comes from the referral from clients. We work very hard to encourage good communication so a great working relationship is maintained at every stage.

If our construction team also builds your home we will look after every detail of your building process.

Start with what you love

What inspires you? What would make your life better or easier? Designing your house is all about you, your wants and needs and those are completely unique to you. If you’re looking for inspiration, a great place to start is by collecting your ideas about home design and architecture from the many magazines, design sites online and social media like Pinterest.

If you’ve already collected all the information you need or even if you’re uncertain of what you can do on your site, feel free to get in touch, we’re happy to talk through your design or building project.

If you want to further define your project, you might find our brief checklist useful. It includes many of the things that should be considered when embarking on any design project.

We love all the detail and we love thinking about how good design can make your life better, easier and more beautiful. Better still, we love making your ideas come to life.

Stage one – design concepts

The concept stage is a chance to explore your ideas and dreams for your home. At our first meeting we’ll discuss these, along with more practical aspects of your project such as scope, scale and budget. From this meeting we will create a project brief and present this to you in the form of a design proposal, which will include a quote for concept design fees.

We will then transform the ideas and dreams discussed in our first meeting into a series of design concepts. These concepts will be presented to you and we’ll discuss and finalise the final concept design. Often this will be budget dependant, so we are able to provide you with estimates to help guide your decision-making.

Once the floor plans and elevations of the final concept are approved by you, we will provide you with a fee proposal for the next stage of design work.

Stage two – development and final design

During this last stage of the design process your plans will be fully developed and decisions will be made on everything from the design of your kitchen to the type of timber used for your deck.

Be prepared for regular communication during this stage to ensure the design meets your exact requirements. We will help bring the plans to life by providing sun studies, flows, elevations and 3D drawings to enable you to visualise your finished home. Only when you’re completely happy with the design, consent and specification documents will be prepared for the Council.

We will take care of the whole consent process and once approved, the plans for your home are ready to come to life using our construction team or the builder you’ve selected from your tender process.