Mackit construction team

If you choose Mackit Construction to build your home or complete your renovation, you can be confident that we have taken into account every aspect of the project in the quote. Having designed the plans, we know exactly what is needed to bring them to life. We will provide a comprehensive building service contract and as Registered Master Builders we can offer the Registered Master Builder Guarantee for your home.

We will manage and coordinate all the sub-trades required for your project. As we strive for perfection in our building work, we will ensure all sub-trades produce the same top quality result for you. We also look after all the Council inspections right through to the final Code Compliance Certificate.

We take pride in our knowledge and practice of the latest building science and techniques and being able to build your home to the highest standard of craftsmanship. We do this by paying close attention to detail, not taking short-cuts and building your home as if it was our own home.

We are members of the Registered Master Builders Federation and are Licensed Building Practitioners in Carpentry.