SIPS | Structural Insulated Panels

What are Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)? Struc­tur­al insulated panels (SIPs) are prefabricated building panels that can be used in place of conventional timber framing and insulation for the floors, walls and roof of a building. They combine a structural skin and insulation in one airtight panel. SIPs are (generally) 10 - 20cm [...]

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Simple Complexity | Roof Details

Habitat's crowning glory is its roof - a complex arrangement of planes and slopes that snake the length of the site. The second storey is defined by the front apex, helping it nestle into the trees, before sloping down over the garage and carport. Enjoy our latest site photos, including a video at the [...]

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Wall Insulation | Getting It Right

Insulation not only keeps heat in during the winter months, it also keeps heat out during the summer months. It is a crucial aspect to get right when designing a new home or renovation - and a significant part of our design process. Insulation essentially limits temperature transfer between outside and inside. A large [...]

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Introduction | Perspective Journal

The idea for our 'Perspective' journal came from reflecting on experiences and topics that reoccur regularly in our everyday practice. The kinds of topics that are common knowledge amongst 'us' here in our office, but are unknown and sometimes scary concepts for our clients. Designing and building a home can be a daunting [...]

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Solar Power | Is It Right For Your Home?

Nowadays solar power and solar technology are concepts that sit at the forefront of our minds; as we all grow more conscious of ideas around sustainability and environmentally friendly choices. Most of our clients who come to us to design a new home, or extensive renovation, request that solar power be considered within the [...]

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