Project Description

Beautiful, simple minimalist form and modernist design influences.

This house is low-slung, slender, and shrouded in a utilitarian dark metal armour. Standing seam Zinc in an anthracite colour finish was chosen for both the wall cladding and roofing as an ideal material to form this long lasting, continuous hard outer shell. Incisions into this outer skin expose the soft texture of the Larch vertical shiplap timber cladding in the sheltered areas. These are simply finished in Wood X oil, to allow their natural tones to weather.

This dark silhouette is softened by the unique foundation design, which provides a lightweight aesthetic to the building form that touches the gently sloping ground along one side, and floats up off the ground on the other. The building’s floating form is not only an aesthetic feature, but it’s precise engineering also allows the building to withstand a major earthquake. The open subfloor provides easier access to the

underside of the building to allow for repairs and maintenance to services and subfloor connections.

The tall street side corner of the building is the pinnacle of the design, making a hierarchical combination of the building’s floating foundation, angled walls and roof, cladding and window joinery features, and reaches out to the street to give people passing by an intimate glimpse of the buildings makeup. A level threshold to outdoor areas with stainless threshold grates follow the entire northern perimeter of the building, allowing the lines from indoor and outdoor to be blurred.

Metal, this time in the form of a single copper sheet, was chosen for the front door, its warm glow intended to weather and patina over time. To provide the privacy required for being on an exposed corner site, a masonry boundary wall finished with Rockcote concrete effects system adds to the utilitarian exterior armour of the building.