Project: Fins Concept.
Context: Semi Rural Section with Sea Views.
Brief: A large home to accommodate a busy, growing family, with ample room for entertaining and visitors. The house must have strong architectural presence, be elevated enough to capture sea views, but sit comfortably within the expansive semi-rural secluded section. Practical elements such as the driveway and parking area need to be integrated in such a way that they add drama to the design rather than detract from it.
Response: Straight, clean lines are repeated to create a highly crafted, architectural statement. Horizontal and vertical lines created by weatherboards and the cast board-formed concrete pool wall accentuate and contrast with the linear architectural form. The elevated living wing ‘bridge’ not only captures views, but creates a dramatic experience when you enter via the tunnel-like driveway underneath it. Tucking the garage and parking area out of sight also lessens the aesthetic impact of the semi-rural home. Timber tones also help the house blend with the surrounding natural environment.