Standing in the kitchen of this 4-bedroom home on the outskirts of Greytown, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in the middle of the countryside. In actual fact, this home sits amongst a 25-lot subdivision.

Orientation was key for the design of this family home.

The owners had secured one of the best sites, on the northern edge of the subdivision. As such, the guiding principle for the design was ensuring that the beautiful rural outlook was celebrated, and neighbouring properties hidden from view where possible. This was achieved by a clever split-level T shape design, carefully positioned on the section to focus on the lush green fields and stunning views to the Tararua ranges.

The cleverly designed floor plan incorporated all of the client’s

requirements efficiently and practically. The front rectangle of the house, running west to east across the site, consists of a double garage, entrance, 3 bedrooms (including the master and ensuite), and a family bathroom.

A hallway and stairs lead to the second rectangle of the house, running south to north, and consisting of a 4th bedroom or study, a media/TV room, and the open plan kitchen, living and dining space. The change in roof height means the lower rectangle benefits from high ceilings and skylights down the main hallway. This contributes towards achieving a key design requirement of ‘light and bright’. The simple act of elevating the rear of the house allows the eye to be drawn over neighbouring fences to the ranges in the distance.

This home was built by one of our trusted colleagues, Dawes Construction.