Project: Green Roof Concept.
Context: Hillside site overlooking lush river valley.
Brief: A modern, open-plan family home with flexible spaces to meet both immediate and long term needs. Contours of the land should integrate with, and inspire, the structure’s form to soften the visual impact of the dwelling. Capturing seasonal variants of panoramic vistas is a priority, as is mitigating the effects of prevailing winds on the exposed site.
Response: Monolithic dark plaster walls nestle sympathetically into the site by way of an angled green roof emerging from the hillside, with its added benefit of regulating the temperature of underlying spaces. A juxtaposed counterpoint was added by delicately balancing a cantilevered pavilion of dark-stained cedar and glass to celebrate panoramic views. Outdoor living areas, confined within the trajectory of the plaster walls below, intersect the upper level and provide multiple areas sheltered from the elements.