Habitat’s exterior form is almost complete now, with the cladding and windows nearly all installed. Angular and sleek, its dark silhouette never fails to coax a second glance when you pass by. Here are our latest update photos from the site.

Looking through the neighbouring garden, the slanting peak of Habitat is clearly visible. On the top storey we can see the glazing for the master bedroom and ensuite. The ensuite window runs high across the wall that the walk-in shower will be situated against, allowing for amazing sunlight and a view – while still ensuring privacy. Habitat’s feeling of privacy has been achieved by nestling the home into the existing foliage, and keeping the street-facing facade largely free of glazing. The largest tree at the front is deciduous, and when it has its leaves back, the home is even more sheltered – we took a photo back in January showing this.


Similar profiles of Habitat, settled amongst the trees.

The gentle contour of the Metalcraft Kahu roof, sloping and peaking from the front to the back of the home. The Tararua Ranges can be seen in the distance to the West. Take a peek at this look-back photo of a similar roof view at the framing stage.


With the blossom tree in full spring bloom, the contrast between the softness of the blossom and the strong profile of Habitat is striking. The blossom tree marks the rear boundary of the site, so this portion of Habitat houses the open plan space. This part of the home will be extensively glazed to allow for a natural connection between the home and its environment.