Greytown has a strong sense of community and belonging, that is unique to out-of-city living; we know our neighbours and can’t go anywhere local without a friendly hello to those we recognise, and even those we don’t. Greytown, and the Wairarapa, is also an incredibly house and heritage proud community that has a strong voice when it comes to changes that impact the streetscapes we are all so familiar with.

At Mackit we take the opportunity and responsibility of making valuable architectural contributions to the contemporary landscape of Wairarapa homes, very seriously. This means designing homes that are not only bespoke, beautiful and uniquely “Mackit”, but that are also timeless and enduring – both in contemporary aesthetic and in their use of modern techniques, materials and specification. A Mackit designed home has a sense of place in its environment that is as strong on the day it’s completed, as it is in 50 years time.

Mackit Habitat is our second statement making showcase home on West Street in Greytown, just a few of doors down from our award winning and Homestyle magazine featured “West Street” project. One of the huge drivers in our design for Habitat was wanting to build upwards and create a second storey master suite that takes full advantage of the Westerly views to the Tararua Ranges. However, we wanted to ensure we remained empathetic to the existing streetscape and surrounding homes, most of which are single level. Ever conscious that we live in a community that pays a keen interest to newly built homes in the area, we want to avoid being a talking point for the wrong reasons! Maintaining and respecting the existing foliage on the site was key to achieving this, creating a home that blends into both the site and the street, while still making an architectural statement.

The following photos of Habitat show how well the house sits within, and is sheltered by, the stunning existing greenery surrounding it; while still peeking through from various views – showing off its uniquely angular form.

A directly street-front view of Habitat. Respecting and maintaining the extensive and well established trees and shrubbery along the front boundary of the property will provide privacy to the home’s future owners as well as shielding West Street from an overly prominent double storey home.

Approaching Habitat from the North (southbound down West Street) there is a picturesquely framed view of of the upper level, partially screened by both the north boundary planting and the beautifully established neighbouring garden.

Approaching Habitat from the south end of West Street is where the house really gets to showcase it’s angular form and pop-out second storey feature.

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